Most Common Dental Procedures

The word dentist in Point Cook often induces anxiety in many. Dentists can seem scary medical professionals. When you think of a dentist you think of lying on the surgery chair with hundreds of tools surrounding you and you under the bright surgery light. The dentist pokes his cold and sterile tools at your gums while you lay down helpless. Now this is the scenario that’s comes to a lot of peoples mind but dental procedures are nothing to be scared of. Every year millions get dental procedures done. Your oral health is important. Most dental procedures are that complex or painful and are nothing to be scared of. I will provide you with information concerning the most common dental procedures. Knowing the procedure will eliminate a lot of your anxiety surrounding it. 


Fillings are a very common procedure. Fillings are used to fix damaged teeth and help them restore their function of helping you chew. The damage is done by tooth decay. There are several materials that could be used for the filling. They could be of gold, silver or composite resin (plastic). What filling to get will be determined by the damage done , allergies to the materials and location of the tooth. You will need to consult your dentist for this.


Root Canal 

A root canal is needed when the inside pulp of your tooth is infected with bacteria. This can occur due to severe cavities or damage to the tooth. If the tooth isn’t treated then there will be pus build up and then eventually abscesses. This will cause damage to the bone around the tooth. During the procedure your dentist will drill a hole in the top of your tooth and remove the pus. Then an antibacterial solution will be applied in addition to a filling. The filling on the top of your mouth is temporary and a permanent filling will be applied later. 


A dental crown is another common procedure. A dental crown permanently covers the top of your tooth.  Not only are these the permanent cover of your tooth after a root canal they are also used to repair damaged teeth. Crowns are mostly made of metal. During the procedure you dentist will first file the tooth and maybe apply filling if too much of the tooth is missing. Then a mold will be made using your tooth which will then be used to manufacture the permanent crown.  

Bridges & Implants 

If you want to replace a missing tooth you either get a bridge or an implant. A bridge is a fake tooth that is attached by using the crown. Implant like the name implies is an implanted tooth. Implants function like normal teeth. It is inserted into the bone socked and the socket heals around the tooth and during the healing the tooth become permanent.