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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Anxiety Disorder

If you find that you feel a lot of fear, get sudden panic attacks or just become agitated unnecessarily due to over worry, you may have anxiety disorder. This disorder can have grave consequences on the sufferer but thankfully, there is hope. There is no reason to live with this disorder all your life when there are treatments available. When looking for ways to handle this disorder, a good place to start is with therapy.

Treating with therapy

For ways of treating anxiety disorder cases, it has been found that the best way to go is with therapy. This is because unlike medications that treat only symptoms, therapy helps to go to the root cause. Given that such disorders may vary greatly from one person to another, it is always better for therapy to be tailored based on the needs of the patients. An anxiety counselling session should end up with a diagnosis of the patient and the way forward. While there are many therapies in use, cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to be very effective. See this post if you are looking for a therapy help.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

This is the most widely used therapy when it comes to treating anxiety disorders. The therapy works to identify negative patterns in the way a sufferer views the world and possibly them self. It is made up of two therapies which are cognitive and behavioral therapies. Cognitive therapy is seeks to understand how a person’s negative thoughts lead to them becoming anxious. Behavioral therapy on the other hand is used to understand the reactions of the sufferer when they find themselves in conditions that can lead to anxiety. According to cognitive behavioral theory, it is the thoughts of a person and not what happens around them that determine the way they feel and react. This is to say that how you will is not dependent on the situation you find yourself. It is dependent on how you feel about that situation in which you find yourself. That is to say that from an event, it is possible to have different reactions.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, thought challenging is used. This is a process through which the thoughts of a person are restructured. Thought challenging involves three steps

Step 1: identify the negative thought; While this can be a very difficult thing to do, it worth the effort. The idea is to determine the thought on your mind when anxiety set in.

Step 2: Challenging the thoughts; during the anxiety counselling session, the therapist Austin Texas will help the patient build on how to challenge their negative thoughts.

Step 3: think positive thoughts in place of negative ones; in this step, the patient is encouraged to think of thoughts that make them happy.